Suzanne Stein

 Suzanne Stein and Suzanne Stein Blog - she photographs mostly down and out people - people whose bodies have been wrecked or elevated by drugs and homelessness - and I wonder what would happen to them if they were rescued by money and opportunity, a home and an income and no obligations and a friends or friends who would show them and go with them to some of the events and activities that they might find rewarding. And what would they think? Would they be any happier? Would their eyes be open or might they still feel an existential vacuum that only their former lives could have any promise of filling?

From an interview in The Eye Of Photography

Your early camera?

Suzanne Stein :  Fujifilm XT-1

The one you use currently ?

Suzanne Stein : Main camera is the Sony A7riv. I also sometimes use my A7riii and the Fujifilm X100V and the XT4.


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